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Creager, Catherine Coles, Baldwin & Kaiser, LLC Fairfield, CT
de Toledo, Victoria Casper & deToledo, LLC Stamford, CT
Dellolio, Stephanie Ury & Moskow, LLC Fairfield, CT
DeMatteis, Amanda Cicchiello & Cicchiello LLP Hartford, CT
Diaz, Erick Hayber Law Firm, LLC Hartford, CT
Dion, Amy Greater Hartford Legal Aid Hartford, CT
Eldergill, Kathleen Beck & Eldergill, P.C. Manchester, CT
Emmett, Kathryn Emmet & Glander Stamford, CT
Falco, Justin Fashjian & Falco, P.C. Shelton, CT
Ferron, Margaret The Hayber Law Firm, LLC Hartford, CT