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Adler, Gregg Livingston, Adler, Pulda, Meiklejohn & Kelly, P.C. Hartford, CT
Angelone, Daniel Angelone Law Offices Trumbull, CT
Bagnell, Jeffrey Lucas Bagnell Varga LLC Southport, CT
Bailey, Catherine CT Women's Education and Legal Fund Hartford, CT
Baldwin Kravetz, Karen Susman, Duffy & Segaloff, P.C. New Haven, CT
Bartinik, Jr., Peter The Bartinik Law Firm, PC Groton, CT
Bennett, Kane Aeton Law Partners Middletown, CT
Bhandary-Alexander, James New Haven Legal Assistance New Haven, CT
Bourtin, Stephen The Boyd Law Group, PLLC Stamford, CT
Brickley, Ann Law Office of Ann Halan Brickley, LLC New Canaan, CT