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Creager, Catherine Coles, Baldwin & Kaiser, LLC Fairfield, CT
Friedman, Ken Law Offices of Ken Friedman, LLC Glastonbury, CT
Bartinik, Jr., Peter The Bartinik Law Firm, PC Groton, CT
Kapadia, Heena Law Office of Heena Kapadia, LLC Hamden, CT
Rothgeb, Nicole Livingston, Adler, Pulda, Meiklejohn & Kelly, P.C. Hartford, CT
Collins, Barbara Law Office of Barbara J. Collins Hartford, CT
Hayber, Richard Hayber Law Firm, LLC Hartford, CT
McEleney, Stephen McEleney & McGrail, LLC Hartford, CT
Simonetti, Alix CT Commission on Human Rights & Opportunities Hartford, CT
Rosenblatt, Leon Rosenblatt Law Hartford, CT